Actionable insights to help you be more creative, become a better leader, create more innovative work, build better relationships with your clients, grow a stronger career and more.

Creative people can now affect businesses in ways we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution, but most of us have no idea about how to take advantage of these opportunities.

The Crazy One is created out of the real experiences and insights that host and award-winning creative director Stephen Gates has learned from leading global in-house and agency creative teams, building multiple Fortune 100 brands, and working with some the world’s most innovative companies like Apple, Google, and more. It teaches anyone foundational creative approaches and methodologies to some of the more difficult and less discussed areas of being a creative person in any industry.

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What makes this podcast different?


No sugar coating and no magic bullets. This show is honest look at the challanges that face creative people today and doesn’t shy away from the difficult subjects.


The information in the shows come from over 20 years of working with and leading world-class creative people who have created and launched actual innovation work.


Since the show is created by a high level working creative person it shares how to actually apply what you learn and doesn’t just talk about it in theory.

New to the show?

Here are some of the most popular episodes so far.

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Don’t take my word for it.

Here are some of the things people who listen to the show are saying about how it has helped them and their careers.

Rated 5 stars by hundreds of listeners worldwide and has been the #1 Design Podcast in multiple countries.

“An almost mandatory podcast for anyone trying to better understand what it means to become a great leader (and not only the creative type!). Wonderful, clear, sharp and abolutely right.”

“This is the Tony Robbins audio series for the design community. Subscribe now!”

“I’ve been in a creative rut these past few weeks and this podcast has been a beacon of light for me.

Stephen’s point of view is brutally realistic but still comes off as inspiring. I am constantly sharing his ideas with coworkers and peers.”

“Given my team and I so much inspiration & energy

Many of us creative people wonder sometimes (all the time) if it’s just us and we are one that are just crazy and our thinking may just be a little too out there. Stephen Gates has really given me the push I needed lately to keep pushing for what is right. “

“I cannot emphasize enough the impact it’s made on myself personally and professionally.

I’ve turned many on to it technically NOT in the creative field… – my beau in the Oil industry as a consultant/engineer that cleans refineries, a PR colleague is now glued to the episodes about personal branding as she starts her own consultancy,my sister a lab technician in a hospital is starting to see herself differently after the “Success is a Choice” episode. I could go on… And as one who aspires to change the way Creatives work and are seen in society, this is one of my solid resources for inspiration as well as a constant barrage of ‘a-ha’s’!”

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About Stephen Gates

The son of a Creative Director with 20+ years experience creating the strategy, concepting, and design for award-winning integrated global advertising campaigns, building multiple global Fortune 100 brands and innovative digital experiences. As a leader, he has 15+ years building and leading agency and in-house teams using a mix of creativity, business strategy, process, consumer research and political skill to create innovative, world-class work that changes industries and companies.

He currently works as the Head of Design Transformation at InVision where he partners with our clients to weave together the best methodologies, practices, and tools into comprehensive, customized strategies that elevate the business impact of design within every company. He previously worked at McCann Erickson, Citi and Starwood Hotels and his clients have included American Airlines, W Hotels, Disney, ExxonMobil, Acura, Citi, Nationwide Insurance, Metallica, Verizon, Subaru and more.

As a result of this work, he has won over 150 international design awards, have had his app designs named as one of the World’s 100 Greatest Apps, HOW Magazine named him #17 on the 100 of the most talented and influential creatives working today and more. Apple has featured his work in 10 keynotes, 4 TV commercials, the Human Interface Guidelines, chosen for Apple’s ‘Best of’ yearly list and as one of the world’s 100 best apps.

He shares what he has learned through his podcast, blog and speaking engagements. He has taught small sessions at companies like IDEO, Apple, and GE to large international keynotes to guest lecturing at the MIT, Princeton, SVA and more.


Partner and advisor to some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Stephen has been asked to work as a partner with brands like Apple, Google, IBM, 53, Adobe and others to create some of the first experiences for Apple Watch, iOS, Apple Passbook, Google Glass and more. He also regularly works as a beta tester and advisor on apps and products like IBM Watson, multiple releases of Adobe Creative Cloud, Astropad, Adobe XD (previously Project Comet) and many more.

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